Getting Started in RC

Radio-controlled (RC) cars, boats, and trucks offer a fun family hobby with lots of performance options. No doubt you have driven some type of remote-control vehicle over the course of your lifetime, but it was most probably a ‘toy class’ vehicle. The wonderful world of high-performance RC vehicles offers a variety of adrenaline-pumping options to fit every budget and experience level. These ‘hobby class’ vehicles go much faster than their ‘toy class’ predecessors offering a wide range of styles and sizes.

Begin with Ready to Race

In the beginning, most RC models had to be built from the ground up. You had to purchase the kit and hope that you assembled it properly. The radio system was also a separate charge as it was not standard with the unassembled kit. Now, things are much easier. Ready to Race (RTR) vehicles come fully assembled and complete with a working radio system.

Of course, some people and families still choose to build their own RC cars. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your partner and young family members. Once your dynamic RC vehicle is assembled it’s time to feel the need for speed. These little ‘hobby class’ vehicles are designed to perform and go lightning fast. They are built to withstand crashes and rollovers for the inexperienced driver spreading miles of smiles for all to enjoy.

Types of RC Vehicles

RC vehicles come in a variety of makes and models including cars, trucks, and boats. You can also choose between nitro and electric-powered vehicles. Typically, electric RC vehicles are quieter than their nitro counterparts making them the preferred model for those working within confined spaces. They’re also easier to operate and they require less maintenance than the nitro version. Electric model RC vehicles are typically recommended for beginners and younger sportsmen.

However, nitro models allow you to refill the tank while the engine is still running which could potentially give you the lead you need to win a race. Electric battery packs drain with every use and eventually need to be charged or replaced. Both electric and nitro RC models have specific advantages, so you’ll have to choose what works best with your particular situation.

Replacement Parts

Regardless of make, model, or power source, you’ll eventually need parts for your RC vehicle. It may be a part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance or you may want to purchase special accessories to soup up your model. This is where RC Juice comes in. We take pride in providing excellent customer service while selling the highest quality parts at rock-bottom prices. If you are considering RC vehicles as a hobby or sport, or you already have an RC vehicle that needs some parts, contact RC Juice today to see how we can help.