HobbyStar 2826 (3548) Brushless Outrunner Motor



HobbyStar brushless outrunner motors are built using high-quality components and precision balanced to ensure a smooth, reliable and powerful motor for your aircraft. Motor shafts can be reversed on all motors, and a hardware kit with mounting plate, prop adapter and hardware kit are included with all motors.


  • 14-pole, 12-slot high-torque design
  • CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum housing
  • High-purity copper windings for maximum efficiency
  • High RPM ABEC 5 oversized bearings
  • Precision balanced rotor 
  • Super-thin stator laminations (0.2mm)
  • Flexible silicone leads with pre-installed gold-plated connectors


        Specifications for all variants:

        KV (RPM/Volt) Model Watts Cells Max Amps Rotor Poles IO Resistance Motor Size Stator Size Weight Propeller Shaft Diameter (mm) Connectors
        790 2826-06 840 3-5S 50A 14 2.0A 0.051 35x48mm 2826 157g 12*7/13*7/14*7 5mm 3.5mm
        900 2826-05 1000 3-5S 60A 14 2.2A 0.033 35x48mm 2826 157g 11*8/13*6/14*7 5mm 3.5mm
        1100 2826-04 1100 3-4S 72A 14 2.6A 0.028 35x48mm 2826 157g 12*6/12*6.5/13*8 5mm 3.5mm

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