HobbyStar 3532 Brushless Outrunner Crawler Motor



HobbyStar brushless crawler motors provide smoother operation and improved heat dissipation when compared to an inrunner motor, and with a 14-pole rotor you'll have torque on-tap.  Standard bolt pattern allows you to install these motors in place of traditional inrunners, compare sizes in spec chart to your clearance to ensure fit and get ready for an improved crawling experience!


    Specifications for all variants:

    KV (RPM/Volt) Max Watts LiPo Max Current Rotor Poles Max RPM No Load Current Resistance Shaft (mm) Motor Size (mm) Stator Size (mm) Weight (g) Connectors
    1470 550 2-4S 38A 14 30,000 0.9A 0.382 3.175 35x32 28x10 140 4.0mm gold
    1850 600 2-4S 70A 14 30,000 1.4A 0.295 3.175 35x32 28x10 140 4.0mm gold
    2050 650 2-4S 45A 14 30,000 1.6A 0.245 3.175 35x32 28x10 140 4.0mm gold

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