HobbyStar 540 Waterproof Brushed Crawler Motor, 5-Slot



HobbyStar 5-slot brushed crawler motors feature an innovative "skewed stator" design that delivers a smooth powerband for excellent control when driving on steep and rocky terrain.  Dual-ball bearings provide peak performance and reliability, while adjustable motor timing allows you to rotate the motor can to dial in for your application. Easy to maintain waterproof design, just dry them out and give them some oil after a wet or muddy run and they'll be ready for another round. If you are looking for a powerful, reliable, economical and versatile powerplant for your crawler look no further!


  • 5-slot armature for ultra-smooth operation
  • Adjustable timing
  • Waterproof
  • Available in a variety of turns
  • Pre-soldered leads with bullet plugs
  • Dual ball-bearings
  • Rebuildable


    Specifications for all variants:

    Turns Voltage No-Load RPM No-Load IO Current Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Shaft Length (mm) Shaft Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Connectors (mm)
    11T 1S-3S 19800+/- 10% 1.85-2.65A 88-125A 53 36 12 3.175 175 3.5
    13T 1S-4S 16700+/- 10% 1.3-1.9A 62-96A 53 36 12 3.175 175 3.5
    16T 1S-4S 13700+/- 10% 1.06-1.5A 53-75A 53 36 12 3.175 175 3.5
    20T 1S-4S 11700+/- 10% 0.80-1.12A 37-52A 53 36 12 3.175 175 3.5

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