HobbyStar 5692 4-Pole Brushless Sensorless Motor, 1/5 Scale



Large scale vehicles require some serious horsepower and the HobbyStar 5692 1/5 scale motor delivers the power you need. 92mm can length for versatile fit in smaller rigs. With an industry leading 24 slot stator and a 4-pole precision-balanced rotor riding on buttery-smooth ABEC5 bearings all housed in a beautifully CNC machined T6 6061 billet-aluminum housing you'll harness next-level power for your large-scale RC! Extra long 200mm motor leads with gold-plated terminals already installed make installation a snap.


  • 4-Pole 24 Slot high-torque motor design        
  • CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum heatsink can        
  • High purity copper windings maximize efficiency        
  • High RPM ABEC5 oversized bearings
  • Universal fit with multiple M4 mounting holes       
  • Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM        
  • Stator - Super thin (0.2mm) laminations        
  • Removable/Replaceable rotor        
  • Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion

Specifications for all variants:

Turns KV (RPM/Volt) Max Voltage Max Amps Rotor Poles IO Resistance Watts Max RPM Length (mm) Diameter (mm) with fins Weight (g) Shaft Diameter (mm) Shaft Length (mm) Connectors
2.5Y 850 <35V 148A 4 2.2A 0.0135 5200W 30,000 92 55/57.8 1020 8 30 8.0mm gold
2Y 1120 <27V 195A 4 3.2A 0.0072 5200W 30,000 92 55/57.8 1020 8 30 8.0mm gold

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