HobbyStar Brushless Boat ESC, 90A, 3A SBEC

$69.99 $48.00

HobbyStar watercraft ESC's are designed to provide powerful, reliable operation in your RC boat.  With an aluminum main body for durability and heat dissipation, and an efficient 3-pipe cooling system they keep their cool in demanding applications.  


Must use HobbyStar LCD Boat Program Card for programming.



  • Extremely low internal resistance
  • Efficient 3-pipe cooling system
  • Super smooth throttle linearity
  • Thermal protection
  • Signal-loss protection
  • Power arming protection (prevents motor starting if throttle is applied at startup)


  • Continuous current: 90A
  • Burst Current: 110A
  • Battery Cell (NiXX/LiPo): 5-18NC/2-6 LiPo
  • BEC Output: 5.5V/3A
  • Dimensions: 65x49x23.5mm
  • Weight: 75g


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