HobbyStar Carbon Fiber Soldering Jig


  • The HobbyStar Carbon Solder Jig is a small and lightweight tool designed to quickly and easily hold your wires, Deans, XT60 and bullet connectors to make convenient work of your soldering needs.
  • Featuring a spring loading sliding movement, the jig opens up when compressed allowing you to insert your wires or connectors. When compression is released, the spring loaded bottom plate pulls back with clamping force, providing a secure hold while you work.
  • The jig features a rectangular 17x10mm slot that securely fits Deans/T-Style and XT60 sized connectors, as well as two 8mm holes to fit the bullet connector of your choice. If you just need to solder or tin wires, the vertical posts open up to 10mm providing plenty of space for a variety of wire AWG's. To keep the jig planted, four rubber feet on the bottom keep it from moving around while you work.
  • Weight: 55g Dimension: 70x60x30mm Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Warning: Carbon Fiber conducts electricity! Never insert two bullet connectors from a battery into the 8mm bullet holes at the same time!

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