HobbyStar HRX-482R 2.4GHz 4ch. FHSS-4 FHSS-3 Receiver Sanwa Compatible

$59.99 $52.99

This is the HobbyStar HRX-482R 2.4Ghz 4-Channel FHSS4 Surface Receiver, compatible with select Sanwa Radio Systems. With FHSS4 and FHSS3 capability, the receiver is usable with not only the latest M17 and MT-44 transmitters, but also the older spec M12S and RS, MT-4 and even M11X radios; plus more.

The device fully supports Sanwa’s SHR and SSR technologies, offering the same features and super-fast signal transmission as the original Sanwa receivers, making them a full-fledged replacement.

Comes in a heavy-duty case that offers improved durability compared to standard Sanwa receivers.


  • Sanwa compatible
  • FHSS-4 and FHSS-3
  • SHR and SSR Mode
  • SSL Telemetry capable


  • Dimensions: 23.6x18.6x28.3mm 
  • Weight: 7g 
  • Voltage Input: 3.5 to 8.4V 

Compatible with the following Sanwa transmitters: 

  • Sanwa M17
  • Sanwa M12S
  • Sanwa M12S-RS
  • Sanwa M12
  • Sanwa M11X
  • Sanwa MT-44
  • Sanwa MT-4S
  • Sanwa MT-4
  • Sanwa MT-S
  • Sanwa EXCES ZZ
  • Sanwa EXCES Z 

*This is NOT a Sanwa or Airtronics brand receiver, they are COMPATIBLE with the receivers listed but these receivers are not manufactured by Airtronics/Sanwa.  Airtronics and Sanwa are registered trademarks registered to their respective owners.

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