Leopard 56110, 4-Pole Brushless Sensorless Motor For 1/5 Scale



The Leopard 56110 is a brutal powerplant for 1/5 scale cars/trucks and for 1800mm boats. 

Leopard motors are built using the highest-grade components for outstanding performance and long life.  The latest generation 4-pole rotors provide massive torque and are Kevlar-wrapped to ensure the magnets stay put at all RPM’s. All components are precision machined, balanced, and hand-built to guarantee quality, and with an extensive product line including many sizes you just won’t find from other manufacturers, you are sure to find a Leopard motor to fit your application.


  • Precision-machined aluminum housing
  • Kevlar-wrapped, 4-pole rotor
  • Imported high-speed Japanese bearings
  • Hand wound stator, using high-purity/high-temperature copper wire
  • Excellent heat dissipation

Specifications for all variants:

Turns Max Amps Max Voltage Max Power KV (RPM/Volt) Resistance No-Load Current (15V) Dimensions (mm) Mounting Hole Depth (mm) Shaft Length (mm) Shaft Diameter (mm) Weight (g)
3D 210A 36V 7600W 950 0.0055 4.3A 55.8x110 8 30 8.0 1160

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