SKYRC LiPo Charger Temperature Sensor, 0-80°C Range


Enhance Battery Charging Safety with SKYRC's Temperature Sensor: This vital accessory for LiPo battery chargers is designed to monitor temperatures between 0°C and 80°C. Its primary function is to prevent overheating during the charging process, ensuring the safety and longevity of your batteries.

Compatible with SKYRC Chargers: This sensor seamlessly integrates with any SKYRC charger equipped with temperature sensing capabilities. The 45cm long wire and 22cm Velcro strap provide flexibility for various battery setups.

Easy Installation and Usage: The sensor is user-friendly, allowing for quick setup and immediate use. It is a crucial tool for RC hobbyists who prioritize battery health and safety during charging sessions.

Reliable and Accurate Temperature Readings: With its precise temperature range monitoring, this sensor ensures that your batteries are charged under optimal conditions, preventing damage caused by excessive heat.

Enhanced Safety for Your RC Adventures: The SKYRC Temperature Sensor is not just a tool, but a safeguard, ensuring that your charging process is safe and your batteries are always in top condition for your next RC outing.

  • Temperature Range: 0°C-80°C
  • Wire Length: 45cm
  • Velcro Length: 22cm
  • Compatibility: SKYRC Chargers with Temperature Sensing

Dive into the world of RC hobbies with confidence, knowing your batteries are safeguarded by the SKYRC Temperature Sensor. This compact, efficient tool tirelessly monitors your battery's temperature during charging, ensuring they never overheat. Imagine the peace of mind, as each charge maintains optimal conditions, preserving battery life and performance. A simple setup, but a giant leap in safety and reliability for your cherished RC experiences.

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